Lets Paint Peace ART Workshops, 2019

Workshops for 18 and above, both one on one and group options

Healing Art Workshop:  Discover and initiate your inner healer, through personal symbols and forms, transitioning from old patterns, to creating new possibilities. 


Energy Mandala Workshop: Making creative cyclical energy mandalas, to go deeper into self-reflection or simply spend peaceful time with yourself.


Intuitive Energy Channeling Workshop: Intuitive  Energy Channeling in the form of an art work happens by letting your emotions and feelings guide the flow of colours and forms. Listening to your inner voice to create from your heart space.


Sacred Geometry Workshop: Bringing together solid geometry, lines, curves, circles, to create a personal peaceful, harmonious portal.


Drawing and Colouring your own Vision: If you are sitting on an idea, to sketch, paint and put form to it, I can help you with, the process, facilitate to bring it to fruition, sharing my techniques.


**Workshops for 18 and above

**one on one sessions

Contact for scheduling: sapnadhar@gmail.com