"You are an artist to your life, so what makes you think you can't play with colors?"

Customized abundance portal painting


A painting - portal designed by me for your archetypal energy where I will include some sessions where you will paint on the canvas too. Intention is to bring in the play of alchemy and let you experience the freedom and joy which comes with unsaid expression via colors. The basic theme of painting will obviously be your idea/ symbology/ icon which we will discuss and finalize before commencing with the creation process. 


It will be a collaborative process where I will chime in to mould and assist in creating a portal which is heart felt, with no compromise on the quality of the art work. Its called abundance portal because it will help you in recognizing your own barriers to abundance, in all spheres of your life. You will manifest what has been your most awaited aspiration to be fulfilled. 

This kind of work will also unfold some newly found feelings and emotions, which I encourage to observe and discuss only if we both are comfortable. 


Materials : Canvas, Acrylic's

 One on One soulful/Healing art session


In Last 6 years with continuous practice of intuitive art, and I speak from my personal experience, how it has completely changed my life. It has made me re-look at everything with different pairs of eyes.  And its surprising to witness that the perspective keeps changing, each time I dwell into a new creation. Not only that, its been a source of being a better human being, as I am challenged by the deep self-reflective process everyday.


Its been a space of taking rebirth again and again, making the whole process joyful, which for me was beyond imagination and expressing that feeling in words, is highly impossible, until you experience it yourself!

So it gives me ultimate pleasure in sharing this process with the whole world and be of service to those who yearn to experience something beyond mundane and indulge in a soulful journey, which is not only enriching but also healing. 


After going through few sessions, you will experience a change, which will reflect in your personality and you will feel a sense of joy and freedom inside.

In these sessions we will use art as a medium to tap into our source energy and channel that into creation process. Once you experience the joy and expansion of self, I will guide and assist you further towards pre-discussed personal aspirations and goals. It can also be a totally silent process, where in you just focus on indulging in doing the art work and reflect on insights that unfold spontaneously. 


Materials : Mixed media, Canvas, Textured Paper, Acrylic's, Gel-sketching Pens, Crayons, charcoal, pastels

 Mandala art

Creating Mandalas is a part of my core practice. Many aspects of our lives are cyclical and mandalas being similar help in integrating  our feelings and emotions and understanding our surroundings better. I now end up making one mandala a day and they have proved to be grounding and fill my heart and mind with calmness.


Materials: Textured paper, Circle shape Canvas, Acrylics, Gel-Sketching Pens


Intuitive art

Listening to your heart and letting your thoughts take shape is a very spontaneous process. You let the symbols drive the art work, let your gut pick the colors, let your imagination take course, drawing abstract shapes and letting your inner child outside. 

You surprise yourself with the whole new idea and the unpredictable shape it takes up.


Materials: Mixed Media


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Best Practices

Ever since I had my first training session and volunteering at Washington Warm Line as a Peer counsellor, I realized the strength of making connection to others, from shared experiences, feelings and emotions. I try my best to integrate and make this practice a part of my conversations.