"You are an artist to your life, so what makes you think you can't play with colors?"

Resonant Frequency Forms


A painting - portal designed by me for your archetypal energy where I will include some sessions where you will paint on the canvas too. Intention is to bring in the play of alchemy and let you experience the freedom and joy which comes with unsaid expression via colors. The basic theme of painting will obviously be your idea/ symbology/ icon which we will discuss and finalize before commencing with the creation process. 


It will be a collaborative process where I will chime in to mould and assist in creating a portal which is heart felt, with no compromise on the quality of the art work. It is called resonant frequency form as it will help you in recognizing your own barriers to your higher resonance. You will manifest what has been your most awaited aspiration to be fulfilled. 

This kind of work will also unfold some newly found feelings and emotions, which is encouraged to observe and discuss only if comfortable. 


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Best Practices

Ever since I had my first training session and volunteering at Washington Warm Line as a Peer counsellor, I realized the strength of making connection to others, from shared experiences, feelings and emotions. I try my best to integrate and make this practice a part of my conversations.