Mandala art

Creating Mandalas is a part of my core practice. It brings me to the present moment. Many aspects of our lives are cyclical and mandalas being similar help in integrating  our feelings and emotions and understanding ourselves. 

 Materials: Textured paper, Circle shape Canvas, Acrylics, Gel-Sketching Pens


Intuitive art

Listening to your heart and letting your thoughts take shape is a very spontaneous process. You let the symbols drive the art work, let your gut pick the colors, let your imagination take course, drawing abstract shapes and letting your inner joyful child outside. 

You surprise yourself with the whole new idea and the unpredictable shape it takes up.

 Materials: Mixed Media

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Best Practices

Ever since I had my first training session and volunteering at Washington Warm Line as a Peer counsellor, I realized the strength of making connection to others, from shared experiences, feelings and emotions. I try my best to integrate and make this practice a part of my conversations.