Homecoming to blossomed Masculine


This is the most awaited birthing of all my sacred art offerings from my heart space and I am excited to share and invite all those who are in perfect resonance to receive the frequencies of a blossomed Masculine.


Although in its entirety masculine and feminine are in unity but in its very earthly manifestation, one of the way it appears to human eye is in the form of gender. Years of societal conditioning and genetic evolution naturally resulted in both the genders to have very specific traits and personalities. While it may not hold true for all, but shows up in majority of us. Since its the result of years of natural cosmic flow, there is no one specific causation one can point finger at, especially when one researches a loop of cause and effect. 

One can only have a neutral ~ balanced ~ unified perspective by cutting chords with the past ~ by working to absolve dissonances in present, thereof planting a seed ~ to flower a blossomed masculine with an integrated healthy feminine.


My approach involves being very raw and intuitive in the process of doing energy work around an art form most resonant with you, in a theme of peer to peer conversations, while maintaining necessary boundaries to better facilitate the journey of experiencing core again and again, until one has arrived home. 


There's a lot to exchange, retrospect and integrate. If this message touches your heart center and you are inspired to find out more, please reach out to me by booking an appointment/ dropping a message via contact page / IM on facebook or Instagram. 

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***Currently all art programs are inactive/cancelled until further notification.

Best Practices

Ever since I had my first training session and volunteering at Washington Warm Line as a Peer counsellor, I realized the strength of making connection to others, from shared experiences, feelings and emotions. I try my best to integrate and make this practice a part of my conversations.