Shiva - The Transcendental Energy

Hindu mythology has a tale about lord shiva drinking poison, which came as a by-product of , desire of attaining immortality between the good and the evil..This poison was powerful and would destroy all creation., to protect which lord shiva consumed it and his consort parvati pressed his throat. It is portrayed in his throat in the colour of blue. 

         Likewise real life situations put us in similar situation, wherein, to stabilize the environment, one needs to sacrifice and take the blow. It happened to me and changed my entire perspective of life. Although there was pain on one side, but on the other hand, I realized the massive divine creation. It was a subtle transcendence of my paradigm, which till today leaves a gut feel in my soul.. Shiva continues to be a source of inspiration to any change and expressing the aggressive oneself in the most magnificent form..This piece comes out to be a mystical, longing and a deep meditative energy combination. Shiva is one of my favourites.


The Shankh(Conch) 


Shankh is supposed to be the source of Primodal Nada(Sound), the para- vak(Supereme Sound of Supreme Syllable).

Observing the Cross-section of a conch, reveals heart shaped chambers repeating themselves throughout the Structure. The left and right sides representing Shiva and Shakti respectively, yet both merged in either genders and togteher too. A conch represents all the 5 energies through 5 spirals going around the conch and Nada being the Sixth, which is produced by merging of Shiva and Shakti when we blow air(prana) through the opening on the top, which goes through the channels of conch, to produce a sound, which is beyond duality. The fact to observe is one can only blow conch with the outward breath when pushed only from throat region- Throat Chakra! 

Similarly when a soul in human body goes through the transition of going from duality to non-duality, objectivity to merging with subjectivity, there happens a mis-match of time - time lag. The time slows down and finally no time exists. The period of transmission is indicated as poison, in the conch, being sipped by lord Shiva, and no other deity. It can be nominated that, that being, who goes beyond duality, intellect, gender, and ego supremacy, experiences the statehood of "Shiva and his Shakti " - "Shakti and her own Shiva" is the only one who can drink that, Nectar - which appears as poison to others and not to Shiva and Shakti-in that being.

That nectar, since is also the juice-rasa of Nada is shown as blue in the throat of Shiva -Neelkanth - The colour of Brahman! Thereby, Nada can also be referred to Pichu Consciousness!

The Six shaktis forming the center of the Universe and the Center of the human body.

Conch is also a symbol of Shadadhvan, Tattvas, and Vak represented by its shape, topography and cross-section. Conch Consciousness is also referred to as Dream Consciousness, which is said to be the creation space of Puryashtakas - 5 tanmatras and Mind, Ego and Intellect.