Gulmohar- Replenishing beauty by Real Life Artisan

I finally met my soulmate! I felt like someone touching me is turning my soul to gold. It was the time of year for the flower gulmohar, they were everywhere, saying we have bloomed for you. It connects with my memory and the soothing impact it had on my tensed nerves. There was silence in all the cells of my body and an eluding desire for the divine presence. 

     Right words came to me naturally, all my skills bloomed and flourished naturally. Each interaction unwound entangled thoughts and impressions. All physical ailments perished like someone was doing a timelapse magic trick on me. How could everything fall into place? All the aspects that I dreamt of a companion, started unfolding and still amazes me everyday.

  Our presence together proved to be an intoxicated ionic bond, hanging in universe and floating seamlessly. 

And one fine day, I had an urge to put it down on canvas beautifully. I could imagine a lifeless dried gulmohar flower turning back into life with the light of unconditional love. It also taught me unconditional acceptance and faith can heal one's soul.. All these experiences were new to me, never heard or read somewhere. I delved into the peaceful silence of this beautiful process and bathed in the revelating journey. It was beyond what two people feel when they come close soulfully and still mystifies.